Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
Circolo Scacchi
Bobby Fischer Cordenons

costituita con scrittura privata il 6/10/2000
registrata a Pordenone il 11/10/2000 al N. 7182
C.F.: 91049450934      
P.IVA: 01591830938
Affiliata F.S.I. n° 6022
Presidente: Cervesato Eugenio

address: Via Gramsci 5 - 33084 Cordenons (PN), Italy
mobile (+39) 338 5960366 e-mail:

JavaPairing. Copyright (C) 2009-2013  Eugenio Cervesato

rev. 2.7 - November 2013 *** 'SWISS DUTCH' PAIRING ENGINE ENDORSED BY FIDE !! ****

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If you like this program and use it to administer real tournaments, a donation to the "Bobby Fischer" chess club of Cordenons - Italy will be greatly appreciated.
Donation is intended to be a self financing method for the standard activities of  the chess club and to improve it. As well as, this will stimulate me to continue the software development. Updates, mailing list and quick bug fix are guaranteed to registered users.
For bank transfer
        A.S.D. Circolo Scacchi Cordenons
        c/o B.N.L. Pordenone
        IBAN: IT86 N 01005 12500 000000000299
Depending on national law, free donation to sport associations may be tax deducible. The receipt may be requested, please write to the email address.

for contact: Eugenio Cervesato. mailto:eucerve (at)  mobile (+39) 338 5960366